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AAIA conference submissions are subject to a double-blind peer review process by reviewers.  Reviewers are members of the conference's Technical Committee of experts in fields specifically matching the conference topics.

Technical Committee members provide the vital link with the profession that makes the conference a success.  The reviews help the Program Committee select which papers to accept and reject. Additionally, your reviews help the authors of papers make their papers and presentations stronger.  Finally, your suggestions help the Program Chairs select the outstanding papers.

Reviewer Criteria

▶Holding a doctorate in the relevant field

▶Be an established expert in the field.

▶Having an excellent publications track record in high impact, peer-reviewed journals.

▶Past experience of reviewing abstracts/ full papers and being in editorial boards.


Reviewer Responsibilities

▶Judge the manuscript objectively and give the authors constructive suggestions to improve paper quality.

▶Inform the conference committee if any plagiarism exists.

▶Send back the review comments within two or three weeks.

▶Keep the reviewed manuscript as confidential file and should not copy or use any information obtained during the peer review process.


Reviewer Benefits

The peer review system is structured upon a basic principle of reciprocity. You can:

▶Listing as a Technical Committee member on the conference webpage and in the printed proceedings

▶Get an official letter/certificate to acknowledge your contribution.

▶Eligibility for special discount for the registration fee

▶Keep up to date on the researches in your field

▶Opportunity to develop your career and critical thinking skills essential to research

▶Bolstering of resumes for promotion and/or tenure.


The final decision regarding the selection will be made by the Technical Committee Chair. If you would like to be considered to serve on the Technical Committee, please send your latest CV (In the CV, kindly please highlight your research fieldS and publication history) to